Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some analysis about project failures

My obeservation about the people in leadership who are driving projects with huge budget have big risk. They risk with big money of shareholders,careers of the employees reporting to them and also their own career is at stake. Odds are
always against them. We know that around 90% IT project fails. They are either overbudget or not delivered on time and do not satisfy the needs of the stake holders.
Such big projects have tendancy to get delayed due to human dynamics , lots of other factors which are very complex to analyze. The delay is caused by coflicts of interestes by people representing different departments. For ex. technical group is looking after the sound architecture, maintainability of the project in future. On the other hand management is looking after project as a cost or capital expandtiture so they are looking for less cost and earliest start of return on investments.

IT projects are complex in a sense that they are driven by humen ,for humen and but the IT system developed is of the company which wants to make a money out of the system in direct or indirect way to improve its bottom line. I feel this is first criteria to be analyzed before starting big project. Is the big project going to give any returns in furture or the IT department is going to burn all the budge with no end result.

Hint for Project Failure

Check who is driving the project ? Is it business people who are users of the application or IT department people
which include Business Analysts or Project Managers.
If people from IT department are driving the project then buinsess people loose the interest because they feel
distracted and total project looses importance.
Try this hint in your project and try to correct it