Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Role and Responsibilities of the Architect

Capture the information from stakeholders. I used to be fan of paper notepads earlier. Now a days I am using either word or PowerPoint to capture the information to avoid repatation of typing.
document it correctly
model it
keep track of the changes

Improve Software Quality

I had got a privilege to attend a software code quality seminar. Few points I would
Like to ponder in future are

1. As line of code increases the maintain ace risk for project increases as well as probability of cost overhead.
2. Change management is very important aspect of big budget projects.

There could be 3 criteria for highly successful projects
1. Achieve the quality targets for the customer
2. Achieve revenue targets
3. Achieve the launch date targets

Model Driven design and analysis is very preferable than document based because of visual advantage

My next goal will be look at some static analysis tool