Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Is there God ?

Life is very complex an unpredictable. We are busy in earning money, running families, socializing, getting involved in some kind of additional activities for society. After these all activities in case time permits we get some time to relax. Even though our body is relaxing out mind is actively working and thinking. Suddenly our mind presents so called philosophical questions who am I , why I am here ? Am I body or mind or spirit? There questions are always there in our back of the mind and come up when our mind is resting ….One of the biggest question among them

Is there God?

If you are avid reader on this topic then you find two camps. One is believers and another is non-believers. Non-believers don’t believe in god and they say that there is no god in this world. The believers on the other side say that there is god in this world who is drives this world and who has created this world. This battle among these two camps about existence of god is going on from decades and staring from somebody discovered the concept of the god. In addition the definition of god is different for different people and communities and religions.

What should a common man like you and me do in this situation who want to find what is logically correct here?

Is it so simple to come to conclusion very easily? Assume that there is god present in the world, and then at lease it looks like impossible to see or achieve or experience the god with help of your intelligent mind otherwise Einstein has already discovered him before you and me. As long as we don't know the ultimate reality of the world intellectually we can’t say that there no god in this world. Because world is really confusing where you can see both sequential and repeating activities and randomness. We have been lots of time fooled by our mind. We can’t guarantee that same action done twice or sequence can get the same result. So somehow our intellectual and intelligent mind is incomplete and there is something "beyond our imagination if there is" which our intellectual mind has been unable grasp.

The question is how to go beyond our intellect?

Only way I see is "Meditation"