Wednesday, September 30, 2009

some meditation regarding project failure

I try to push KISS principle in our project as System Architect. I would always try see if we can accomplish
our job with less tools and less languages for a particular project.
The complexity of the domain is always challenge infront of us but for that only we are paid to solve.
Non technical people for example managers and Business Analysts and clients who are end user hate the
technical complexity but what I have seen is that most of the developers add more and moretools and
technolgies which adds more and more complexity to projects. Most of the developers do this for thier own
benifit of desire to learn new technology to improve their CVs.

Some where I heard that for a company who has multiple IT vendors has their cost on the IT is function of
number of vendors. While pondering on this idea I realized that its kind of true I don't want to go into
arguments about validity of this argument but I kind of agree with this. Then I tried to apply the same idea
in the project I worked earlier or I heard all the project which were failed and I kind of agreed upon this.
In my current project also I see that change in the vendor is overall delay in all the deliveries which
increases overall costs of the projects.
If we apply the same rule on technologies used in project then we can think of that the cost is function
complexity which is universal truth and complexity increases due architecutre and technologies and tools used
in it.

Think of your last failed project due to technology....

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